To Create: brands with a purpose.
To Inspire: our clients, our team and our peers to immerse themselves in the projects that we take on.

The Grand Men Group is a company that invests and manages companies representing clients in various fields – including technology, media, and luxe lifestyle.

This network of creative and strategic businesses includes UBT Agency, iiindulge, Tech Grows Business, Heroes, and Ari Gianni with offices in Los Angeles.


A full service digital media agency, specializing in creative content and brand recognition. UBT Agency embraces technology by integrating innovation with digital media craftsmanship to help brands reach full potential.


Visualization out of the norm. With iiindulge, find some of the most popular places to visit all throughout Los Angeles and more coming soon. iiindulge now makes it incredibly easy to find a place to go to, with content that is easy on the eyes, well organized, clear, concise and with rich 360 images to help our users visualize their next connection destination with just a few taps.


Heroes Who Code (HWC) is a federation of technology partners throughout America. HWC is a non-profit member service organization with over 300 members and growing. Members enjoy best-in-class technology services, including Enterprise mobile app solution, Exclusive discounts, HD quality promo videos, Data streamlining, Workflow automation and more membership benefits.


Tech Grows Business Organization is a member network of symbiotic businesses. Their mission is to promote high-level coequal interactions among business leaders and advise on the right mix of technologies to succeed in business.


Ari Gianni is a lifestyle brand designing smart clothing for a relaunch scheduled for release at the next Fashion Runway Expo.