Communicate Your Message With High Impact & Style

Higher standards, exceptional services, and impressive measures . UBT Agency delivers high value content that engages consumers. Our eye-catching designs are displayed on mobile billboards throughout Los Angeles with geo-targeting technology to reach your precise audience. Our billboards promote retailers, tourism, health, fitness, films, non-profit events, nightlife, jewelry, museum exhibitions, civic announcements, cultural happenings, airlines, beauty brands, and more. This repetition ensures that the marketing message reaches diverse consumers many times – not just once.

Our Method

Plan • Action • Content • Technology

The competitive advantage of mobile billboards in Los Angeles is that they receive unsurpassed attention, as moving objects are irresistible to the human eye. Mobile billboards can bring your advertising message into hard-to-hit locations, and your route is targeted to deliver immediate, memorable results. Reach people during their drive to and from work, or reach the growing number of pedestrians who choose sidewalks over highways. Mobile billboards also let you deliver your message in areas where traditional billboards are unavailable or not allowed