There have been some changes and you should know!

We used to publish all of our clients Mobile Apps under our Utter Blue Technologies LLC developer account meaning, all of our client’s apps would show up under our organization but as of recently, there have been some changes to the Mobile App publication requirements.

Both Apple and Google now require developers, clients, to create their own Developer Account and enroll as an ‘Individual’ or as an ‘Organization’ when publishing a mobile app. Of course, we will handle all the nitty-gritty details as far as publishing goes but we need you to create your own developer account which is fairly easy but if push comes to shove, we are certainly here to help – just let us know. Once you’ve created your account, we will need you to send us your credentials through a secure link on our WebApp or website and we will handle the rest. Creating a Developer Account comes at an additional fee (cost for Apple and Google differ) although, there is a waiver for eligible clients.

To start your enrollment for IOS publication, click here.

To start your enrollment for Android publication, click here.

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