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We plant the seeds, you watch them grow…

Welcome and thank you for visiting Utter Blue Cares. We invite you to learn more about our history, who we are, and what we do. Utter Blue Cares was founded on the principles of gratitude, honesty, hard work and dedication. Our creatively inspired team continues to help us reach goals we set out to accomplish.

Utter Blue Cares is the platform for many VET programs to come but our initial launch project to this idea starts with #heroeswhocode. Heroes Who Code, is designed to train vets and hire them for work in the technology field which helps fill the nations technical skills gap with America’s finest. We are web, app and software developers and we believe in helping vets get back into the swing of things.

Heroes Who Code provides Los Angeles veterans with the necessary resources and tools to become web software application developers and programmers. By learning this highly valuable and relevant 21st century skill, these veterans can not only shift the trajectory of their own futures after coming home, but also transform their relationships with their families, communities, achieve a fulfilled and satisfied state in life, and engage in purposeful activities designed to obtain long term career goals.  HWC is developing a pipeline solution to introduce low-opportunity, job focused veterans to careers in technology. We assist with training and securing employment through our networks and hiring veterans to work on our projects. Our training is provided in-house at our office located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

Our knowledgeable staff will never stop learning, growing and teaching. We take great pride in engaging our community by creating a team-oriented atmosphere in which to do good work. Our mission combines passion with pragmatism. It is our continued commitment to this mission that remains a vital part of our ongoing success. As we look to the future we are optimistic about the challenges we may face and delighted by the anticipation of veteran prospects sure to come. We are grateful to have these opportunities to respectfully share our resources with you.


Thank you for choosing to apply to our Utter Blue Cares program – Heroes Who Code.

We work diligently to train our veterans to help them succeed in the demanding field of technology.

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