Last year we launched Utter Blue Tech 1.0 – a native mobile app development platform. This year, Utter Blue Tech 2.0 is Live – a Web App platform using the latest technologies to combine the best of websites and native mobile apps. For your business success in 2018, Utter Blue Tech is the parallel partner for business digital solutions.

In depth summary of Web Apps built on Utter Blue Tech 2.0 –

  1. Forward-looking: works for every user and every browser. Web App’s evolve as the user engages with them, the web app will keep improving no matter which browser is used.
  2. Responsive: the layout of the web app will adapt to any form factor: mobile, tablet, desktop and screen size
  3. Connectivity independence: one of the main features of a Web App is that it functions even when you are offline or working with an unstable connection. The service worker script will cache content locally, allowing the web app to be loaded almost instantly.
  4. Native mobile app-like: the web app structure separates parts of the web app that are often constant (menu, header, layout of pages) from the content that is constantly being updated, minimizing page requests. Web App’s imitate the navigation of native mobile apps to offer an app-like interactions.
  5. Natural: the web app is always up-to-date, thanks to Service Workers that not only store content for offline use, but also enable background syncs to download new data.
  6. Discoverability: one of the bigger advantages of Web App’s is that because they are developed like websites, it is possible to use the power of search engines to index and distribute the web application over search results. You can now apply Search Engine Optimization to your web apps.
  7. Linkable: Web App’s bring a new set of tools to reach more potential users. When you want to share the web application, or a specific page in the web app, you can simply send the URL and this can be opened without being installed.
  8. Security: because Web App’s are based on websites, there are safety requirements they must meet.
  9. Easy installation: the web app can easily be added to the home screen, no download necessary.

Utter Blue Tech 1.0 | Apple Developer Account –

Last month Apple announced they had revised their Terms & Conditions regarding accepting apps in the App Store. Apple states all apps must be submitted by the provider of the app’s content using their own, unique Apple Developer Account. Learn more HERE.


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