Your business mobile app is most effective when it focuses on a specific aspect of your business and uses only one or two key features at once. The average company built 10.2 apps last year. In 2016, global app downloads surpassed 90 billion across iOS and Google Play. This represents 15 percent annual growth, approximately more than 13 billion. In the U.S., consumers downloaded 12 billion apps last year, according to App Annie data.

Nothing springs innovation faster than the competition adopting new technologies. As mobile technology continues to explode, more and more questions and requests are being floated by stakeholders. It might sound obvious, but most people in large companies strongly believe that enterprise MOBILE APPS drive competitive advantage. So, if your reason for launching your business mobile app is that “others are doing it,” let us affirm once and for all that’s a very good reason indeed! No one wants to be left behind, do you? With your own business mobile app, it’s an easy win!!

If your competitors are doing it, why aren’t you? Please leave a comment below.

Businesses that believe consumers no longer download apps will lose to competitors and hurt their brand. The app stores are alive and well, so every brand needs to have a business app strategy in place. Utter Blue Technologies is the parallel partner you need for your business mobile app solution. Learn how at


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